Winnetou's  Breed for Quality ~ Raised with Love ~Shown with Pride                                   Winnetou's Siamese/Orientals have been exported to several different continents and Winnetou's Siamese/Orientals are found in the pedigrees of Show cats & World winners around the World.  "Success is not a destination, it is a complicated continuing journey"

Siamese and Orientals Shorthairs

With Style  and Elegance

 Winnetou's Cattery is officially registered in FIFe since 1979.....and  CFA.Cat Fanciers of Denmark. CFD from 2010....We don't have many litters each year, as we breed for quality, not quantity, but we do occasionally have an available kitten. Our babies are part of our family and are very well socialized.     


All our breeding cats has been tested from Animal DNA in Australia

Last news
January 2017.
... New kittens in both pure breed Siamese  and Orientals more info on our Available site....
November  2016
     Some update on all our pages... more to come later on
August  2016
    At last I took the time for some updating on my website ... many thing has happen since last and some new updating regardings our Siamese and Orientals has being done and more will come later on... your welcome to look around and visit our available kittens page ... we are expecting several new litter in future and the first one will arrive soon in Orientals....
February  2016
    We  Have kittens AVAILABLE...more information on our  Available site.......
Mai 2015

  We  Have kittens AVAILABLE...more information on our  Available site.......
 Marts 2015
Our Available site is updated,... and soon  I,m going to update many of the other pages to...we have kittens  and expect new litter born  in begining of  april 2015....silver blotched babies and later on , pure breed Siamese kittens to....
April  2014
  Our Available site is updated, with some very good news , we are waiting lots of kittens in near future....We have new kittens born 15 of Marts 2014 ..Silver & blotched/spots... also  new kittens in pure breed  Siamese  expecting in early springtime.....Our new boy has arrived from Russia...
 October  2013
. .We are happy to announce, that we will be on the WW. 2013 Show in Aalborg  DK. date 26-27/10-2013..... with some of our cats, hope to meet your there.

June  2013
     We are proud to announce the arrival of  new  female in our Cattery ...more info later on.
 Mai  2013
We are proud to announce that on Sunday 5/5-2013  our new stud  Shagio-Chen  Zanzibar  was  BIS youngster  for the 3 times  and on 7 Shows in Kittens / Youngster  class  recived  7 normination and was BIS  3 times, he newer entred  a Show  without  a least  Normination, in the middle of summertime, he is starting his carreer in adult class and we are happy to annonce that we also is waiting his first litter together  with my lovely  Silver girl  Shaili
 Marts  2013
   The early springtime is near, after long cool wintertime, in the next 6  months we are going to show several of our Siamese and Orientals cats in Shows around Europe, for their titles, so we take a little break from kittens for a while, ............but about middle of summertime we again are going to have some babies.
December  2012
The Christmas time, is soon coming to our home to, and my new stud boy, has arrived in safe to our home, Welcome to our home ..Shagio-Chen Zanzibar OSH n 22 .imported from  Hungary....he is a dream coming true,so this year 2012, my Christmas present came a little bit early. Wishing all our visitor's Merry Christmas 2012 and Happy New Year 2013...your all welcome to visit us again any time, at the year.

July 2012

We have some news, in fall 2012 ...a new boy will come and live in our Cattery....a very beautiful boy, black classic OSH ...we are looking very much forward to show him later on, at the monent he is only few weeks old.......
 May 2012
   The summer time has arrived to Denmark, our last litter from early spring mating has arrived, For the moment we take a little break from matings, at the moment we have enought kittens, but in late summertime when my silver girls are calling, we will have kittens again, as something new, all our pedigrees are now to find on Pet Paws data base.
 February 2012
    At last the winter time is nearly ended, and I love that the spring time is near, we expect some new spring litter in both Siamese and OSH, some Show News to, in December CH. Winnetou's Dressed in Stripes SIA n got Cacib Normination and was BIS male, also in the end of January we enter a Show and both my home breed males got Normination and Cacib also your little dotter from Apache got Normination in kittens 3-6 months...
   August 2011
 Some Show news, and Shows in Denmark 7/8-2011... our last OSH litter was BIS litter, and Winnetou's Prada or Nada was Nominated to BIS kitten 3-6 months, Prada is soon leaving our home, to live in USA. with Hotzcats in Illinois, we wish him good luck, and hope he will produce some outstanding silver Orientals in Cattery Hotzcats, its always a pleasure, to sent a silver back to the US. where Prada's lines also is Shows in July CH. Winnetou's Dressed in Stripes SIA n 21 was Nominated to BIS male ...and we got 2 new males for our future breeding plans...we are very happy for them both, and looking forward to see offsping later on ...all our spring kittens have found new homes, and we expecting some new litters very soon.......
April 2011
Our first kittens in this year, has arrived 8/4-2011, for more information, go to our Available page......
February 2011
 Soon the early spring will come, to our country, and new kittens will arrive in the start of April both OSH solid & tabby and silver in all color, Siamese to with pure Siamese pedigree, in several color, in both pointed and tabby, on Show 5/12-2010 IC. HU* Charmese Amazon Emma OSH n 24 was Best in Show female, and 6/2-2011 CH. Winnetou's Nalini SIA n was Best in Show female, and CH. Winnetou's Amulet SIA a got her last certificat after 3 times kittens, over the last 2 way to go girls, I,m very proud of your all.....
December 2010
  Some update on our News pages, and we have our first CFA. CH. on one Show....Wishing your all Merry Christmas 2010, Happy New Year 2011....
 October 2010
Wishing all visitors Happy Halloween 2010....
 September 2010
  The fall is coming, and the sweet summertime is end, for this year, we are very pleased that we are going to try, something other in this fall, we have dicided to be member of new club in DK CFA ..Cat Fanciers of Denmark, after more than 30 years in FIFe we want to see and try to meet some other judges our first  CFA show will be in December 2010...where we will show some of our cats.......
June 2010
 So it is summertime, in Denmark, and we are waiting several litters in both Siamese, and Orientals shorthair, our past silver litter, has all found new homes, and 2 of them are now living in Germany and Slovakia, wishing them both lots of success, in breeding and show...
February 2010
On Show in DK 7/2-2010 ...Winnetou's Nalini SIA n pure Siam pedigree,cac. CH. and Norminated to BIS adult....Winnetou's Dressed in Stripes SIA n 21 got his 3 BIS as kitten, pure Siam pedigree News in our breeding..We do have plans, Siamese kittens will arrive in summer 2010...and our Silver litter is 5 weeks old, all are reserved...
 January 2010
On New Years evening, 31/12-09...our Hungary imp:CH. Charmese Amazon Emma OSH n 24, gave bird to 6 silver OSH kittens, the proud father is US.imp: CFA. CH. + FIFe IC. Hensleek Henry of Felitan OSH ns 22..this is Henry's last kittens..Henry is neutred.we wish Happy New Year 2010, to all our visitors.....
 December 2009
Og Christmas Show in DK. 13/12-2009...Winnetou's Nalini SIA n..Best in Show adult overall & Winnetou's Dressed in Stribes SIA n 21 ..Best in Show kitten overall.......
November 2009
Some updates in our Cattery..our 2 olderst OSH boy's Lancelot & Henry our silver boy from US. are going to be neutred in November 2009...they both has giving us, some new kittens for our future breeding in OSH....and we have 2 new boy's in Siamese to..your welcome back in 2010 ..where we hope to present, new style baced on our 30 years old lines in both Siamese & OSH.
August 2009
We are going to shows in Germany (Husum)29-30/8-2009...and in Denmark in the end of September in Racekatten...we are waiting for our new boy, in lilactabbypoint pure siamese pedigree, he will come in September 2009...some of our girls are waiting new babies in September & October we are quite busy this summer/fall 2009
 January 2009
We have great news, our first kittens, for very long time, has arrived 3/1-2009...and more kittens will be born in early spring
want to se more, go to our kitten site....

December 2008

We Wish your all, Merry Chistmas 2008..Happy New Year 2009, after very long time, we are going to have kittens in the end of 2008, maybe some Happy new years, babies born up to 31 of December..
September 2008 

We are going to shows  in Helsinge DK..28/9-2008..with our 3 youngster..Winnetou's Amulet ..(N) Damrong's Viracocha..and our lates new queen from Hungaray..Sharmese Amazon Emma...

 May 2008

We expect to have new kittens in fall 2008...from our new imported girls both siamese and Silver Orientals..our news site updated 21/7-2008.

 December 2007

We wish your all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year this year we got Christmas kittens in pure siamese, born  1/12-07...

 October 2007

We are going to have a silent fall, no more kittens in this year 2007....maybe we are going to visiting some shows with some of our cats and kittens ...your velcome back in spring 2008..

September 2007

We have several babies, at the moment , take a look at our kitten site, in August , i took the fly to Norway, and visit Cattery Fuzzy Logic's ...where I has been waiting for several years, for a pure siamese girl, now she has arrive to my home, and I,m very happy to present her to you, sure she will give my Cattery something new, in both style and look

July 2007

We have kittens in OSH ...born 11/7-07  in the colors black (ebony) blue and havana....take a look at our kitten pages.

June 2007

In August, I,m going on a trip to Norway, some little chocolade siam girl,with pure pedigree is waiting.

 Marts 2007

We are going to have new babies around summer time Siamese ..seal and bluepointed ...ect. and one Oriental litter in silver ...


January 2007

New Year... and new cats... we are going to show our new cats first and foremost, later on in this year, we hope our queens will produce lots of great lookings new babies...

December 2006

On the 19 of December my  new girl arrive from Hungary .... thank you so much E'va ( Cattery Shagio-Chen) she will be very much loved.... se more go to our news site.....Merry Christmas to your all.....and Happy New Year 2007....

Christmas is coming .... and my christmas present to, around 20/12 our new girl will arrive....

November 2006

Some updates on our Kittens site & our Siamese + our Orientals pages....


August 2006

Some updates on our Orientals site.....

July 2006

Our kitten site is updated 18/7-06.....

June 2006

Our first kittens has arrive 25 & 26/5 2006, we are so proud to present our first born girl from our imp: Holland Sweet Cats Love is Blue sia a & our imp: UK. GIC. Sunsational Dancing Blue sia a ..... look at our kitten pages, also first born kitten from our black girl  Winnetou's Belive in Magic ori n & CH. Winnetou's Survivor is born 26/5-2006....more on our kittens pages...more kittens will arrive later on...

May 2006

Our new look is almost finish,

25/5 2006 we got the first kittens in this year, more about them later on....

Our Gallery page is up and running...



BIS youngster  7-10 months in Racekatten DK. 7/5-17.... Winnetou's Winter Sparkling on Ice  SIA c ......with all votes .... Normination to BIS youngster 7-10 months in Racekatten 6/5-17....

BIS kitten and BOB 2 in all races 4-7 months on DARAK (DK) in Valensbæk  4/3-17 .... Winnetou's Winter Sparkling on Ice  SIA c ... CAC and Normination in adult males Winnetou's Choc'lat Souvenier  SIA b

BIS kitten and BOB 1 in all races 4-7 months on DARAK (DK) in Valensbæk 5/3-17 ..Winnetou's Winter Sparkling on Ice SIA c ... and Norminated to BIS kitten ...Winnetou's Kissable OSH f 03......


BIS kitten 4-7 months on Katteklubben (DK) in Køge 19/2-17  Winnetou's Kissabel OSH f 03 ... and Normination 4-7 months  Winnetou's Winter Sparkling on Ice  SIA c ... lost with one vote to Kissabel


Winnetou's Winter Sparkling on Ice  SIA c Nomination to BIS


Winnetou's  Kissabel  OSH f 03  ... BIS kitten


Winnetou's Light Up My Life  OSH fs  BIS kitten


BIS litter and BIS kitten 4-7 months  on Racekatten's Show in Nærum DK... 5/2-2017..... BIS kitten... Winnetou's Light Up My Life  OSH fs


Winnetou's Light Up My Life  OSH fs .... nearly 5 months old... Belongs to my future breeding in the silvers



Winnetou's  Winter Sparkling on Ice  SIA c  male  born 16/9-2016... pure breed Siamese ... 50 % US. and 50 % English/Euro..... PRA N/N


Winnetou's Kissabel OSH f 03

Winnetou's Light Up My Life OSH fs


HU* Shagio-Chen Zanzibar  OSH n 22 

Welcome to our home Zanzibar...born 14/7-2012....out of Potent Quasar D'Oltremare,I OSH b 22  &  HU*Shagio-Chen Coctail OSH f 03......Thank you Eva' Hagya'rossy. Cattery Shagio-Chen Hungary........Zanzibar is  now neuter.....

Normination 6-10 months 27/1-2013....Best in Show youngster 6-10 months 28/1-2013.....Normination 6-10 months Gromitz Germany 23/2-2013..Normination 6-10 months Nykøbing F. DK 2/3-2013...Normination 6-10 months Nykøbing F. DK.3/3-2013...Normination & Best in Show youngster 6-10 months  Malmø Sweden 21/4-2013...Normination & Best in Show Youngster 6-10 months  Viby Sj. DK  5/5-2013....

CAC.Normation BIS adult male 20/7-2013...CAC.Normination BIS adult male 3/8-2013....CAC.Normination BIS adult male 4/8-2013...Champion....CACIB. Normination BIS adult male 29/9-2013..CACIB. Normination for BIS adult male on WW. 26-27/10-2013....CACIB Normination BIS adult male Germany 14/12-2013...& IC. CAGCIB Normination BIS adult male & BOB 2  DK. 25/1-2014 ... CAGCIB Normination BIS adult male & BOB 3  DK. 26/1-2014..CAGCIB Normination BIS adult male DK.9/3-2014...


Racekattens TOPkatte 2013..

TOP-5 Han...males in all 4 categories

3 IC HU* shagio-Chen Zanzibar OSH IV 655  

TOP-5 3-10 måneder....3-10 months in all 4 categories

5 IC HU* shagio-Chen Zanzibar OSH IV 615  

TOP-3 Kat. IV

2 IC HU* shagio-Chen Zanzibar OSH IV 655  

Dansk Siameser og Orientaler speciel klub...DSO

Top 5 voksne fertile katte....adults 2013

Nr. 1 med 625 point

IC HU*Shagio-Chen Zanzibar OSH n 22

Top 5 Killing /Ungdyr ...kittens & youngster  2013

Top 5 KNr. 4 med 490 point

IC HU*Shagio-Chen Zanzibar OSH n 22



IC. Winnetou's Sealed With a Kiss SIA n AKA(Sille) pure breed pedigree... owner Marianne Vedel Cattery (Vedel's DK) 2 times NOM as youngster & 6 times BIS adult, Nr. 1 adult at DSO Special Club 2012, and nr. 2 Top Cat .of all race' DARAK 2012 ....our first born dotter out of IC. Winnetou's Dressed in Stripes SIA n 21 & CH. Winnetou's Nalini SIA n.... photo by Heide Petersen.

We are so happy and proud to annonce that our first born daugther out of US. imp: CFA. CH. Hotzcats Eclipse of-The-Moon SIA n & CH. Winntou's Nalini SIA n  Winnetou's Jade Souvenier SIA n (pure breed pedigree) gain her JUNIOR WINNER titel in a row, on only 5 Show's and only 6 months and 3 day's old...BIG Thank You to her CO: owner  Marianne Vedel  (Cattery Vedel's) in Denmark, for Showing and loving little miss Sara....

BIS kitten 3-6 months Køge DK  27/1-2013...BIS kitten 3-6 months Nykøbing F. DK  2+3/3-2013...BIS youngster 6-10 months Fredericia DK  16+17/3-2013  and JUNIOR WINNER...

We are very proud to annonce that we got our very first CFA. CHAMPION on only one Show...the 5 th of December 2010 ...on CFA Show in Denmark ..Winnetou's Silver Spirit  of Apache OSH ns 24 ..had all his Winner Ribbon in all rings and was in 1 finals as allbreed judge Dagny Dickens 7 Best Cat.......

Born 31/12-2009....OSH ns 24 out of US.Imp:CFA.CH.+FIFe IC.Hensleek Henry of Felitan OSH ns 22  &  Hungary Imp: FIFe IC. Charmese Amazon Emma OSH n 24.

Apache is now CFA. CH.+ FIFe IC. caring classic 22

This is Winnetou's Skywalker OSH a 24...Exported to UK. Wales back in 2000...where he has produced lots of Orientals Cattery Cymrucaths.


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  • Phone  +45 47746771

Our Breeding Program


At this time Winnetou's has Siamese and  orientals Shorthairs exclusively.

The lines behind our foundation cats include Sunsational (UK) Pannaduloa(UK)Shermese(UK)Longview(UK)Amyday(UK) Johpas(UK)Swanky(UK)Tintally(UK)Røkland's (Sweden) Okonor (Hungary) Shagio-Chen(Hungary)Charmese(Hungary) Siamor(Russia)Australien(Rama)(Syrecks)Felitan(US) Hensleek(US)Sweet Cat's(Holland)  Delicatin's(Finland)and Fangas (Sweden), just to name a few, and we are very greatfully to all those breeders around the world, and proud to have them all,in our cats pedigree's.


Our cattery is small. Health and temperament are foremost in my mind when evaluating which cats and kittens to keep for the breeding program.
In order to give kittens the maximum amount of attention and socialization, I do a limited number of breedings per year. This means I do not have kittens available at all times


We are working with pure Siamese lines, in all colour, Orientals in Silvers, Smokes, Tabbies and an occasional solid in Orientals Shorthairs.


...Countrys outsides Denmark, we have exported to in the years,,,,